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Yacht Basin Company, Annapolis from the YBC web site
Established in 1937, The Yacht Basin Company is the oldest privately owned marina in Annapolis. Located in the heart of Maryland's state capitol, the Yacht Basin offers a large, modern facility. Clean, bright bath houses and a new laundry room, along with WiFi access, are just a few of the conveniences awaiting our guests.

Our accommodations include over 100 fixed slips and three deep water face docks that routinely welcome vessels up to 240 feet. Five high speed pumps deliver GULF fuels year 'round, plus volume discounts.

With easy navigation from the Chesapeake Bay, transient business is brisk at "The Basin". Daily, weekly and monthly stays should be reserved in advance. Sorry, the annual slip holder wait list averages several years.

Historic Annapolis, Maryland's state capital, is just steps past the Marriott hotel on the marina's north side. All around are 18th century homes and narrow streets with a wide variety of shopping and eating establishments. Tour schedules to all sorts of exhibits, including public and private buildings are available. A casual stroll south over the Spa Creek draw bridge is the Maritime Republic of Eastport…a sailor's paradise.

The Yacht Basin's experienced management and friendly dock hands are happy to provide information on local events and activities. if you have any questions, please contact us at 410-263-3544.
Yacht Watch Program in the Annapolis area
Capt Rob Simkins has over 20 years experience operating & maintaining power & sail boats of all sizes. Capt. Rob has developed a cost effective concept offering several levels of security, repairs and detailing management.
Rob is also available to deliver your boat up or down the coast. Highly experienced and professional.
You may reach Rob at 410.279.2224 or
1987 42' Hinckley Sou'Wester
Best in Class
Elusive is equipped to go the distance with fresh sails and updated systems. Priced to sell by two boat owners. $259,000.
White gel coat hull beautiful condition

Full double bed with drawers forward

stow away main and recent sails

Espar diesel heat

updated electronics

rare reverse transom model
The Shrimp Wars have begun!
GALVESTON, TX (KTRK) -- A kayaker found himself under gunfire in Galveston, after a confrontation with a shrimp boat Wednesday.

It all happened just 200 yards off the 61st pier in Galveston around noon. A captain with the Texas Parks and Wildlife says shrimp season started July 15 and the kayaker was rowing out to drop a line in a popular spot just off the 61st pier.

An argument ensued between the kayaker and the captain of a shrimp boat over the fishing area and right of way. The kayaker allegedly displayed some sort of knife and moments later the boat captain apparently fired at least one shot, heard by witnesses.

At that point the kayaker called authorities. Nearby patrol boats arrived on the scene and the captain was arrested.

"Lots of common sense should have been applied, but wasn't," said Capt. Tanuz with the Texas Parks and Wildlife.

The shrimp boat captain is now charged with deadly conduct.
Winter West Palm Beach Office
Bill Walczak spends the winter months aboard his Viking/Princess at Palm Harbor Marina in West Palm Beach. Bill will be actively listing and selling boats in the south Florida market. Give Bill a call if you are looking for on site inspections of boats or looking for marketing plans for your boat.

Visit our Palm Beach Show display 2015
1995/'05 65' Fairline Squadron
Highly updated and dialed in 65 Fairline. Professional decor from headliners to carpet. Shows like a 2005. Many custom features.
Sandra Reyes
Sandra received her FL Yacht Salesperson license just in time for the Palm Beach Boat Show
Fear The Ocean
Dawn had just broken and I was paddling my kayak back to shore. The early morning was still. I heard a mother on the beach singing to her young children.

The doves added harmony to the melody with their coos. The waves lapped gently against my boat. I totally was at peace.

Like many folks I moved to the Keys to be near, on or under the water; it gives me comfort; it never fails to give me a fresh perspective on life, to inspire me with in its beauty, or amaze me with its mysteries.

The ocean is my friend. But, as my wife continually reminds me, “not everyone is like you,” not everyone likes the water.

I returned home and turned on my desktop computer, a bad habit left over from my pre-Keys life.

Up popped a post on Facebook telling me: “19 Pictures That Prove You Definitely Have Thalassophobia (fear of the sea)” from Brainjet. (

OK. I was hooked and scrolled through the images. There were the usual suspects and some surprises: sharks, whales, jellyfish, deep water, manta rays, seaweed, sunken ships, chasms, spider crabs and deep blue holes.

My first thought was, “cool images - wish I had taken them.”

My second thought was, “really – are people afraid of this stuff?”

Because I was already using the computer, I did some research.

According to Andre Slade, the owner of OceanFit, who has over 20 years’ experience in swimming education, lifeguarding and coastal safety, the five most common anxieties about the ocean are: seaweed, deep water, loss of control, waves and sharks. (See: expands the anxiety list. It adds fear of distance from land and fear of the vast emptiness of the ocean, and notes how the fear of the sea is fed by TV shows and movies like “Jaws” that dramatize the dangers of the sea and the terrible things that can happened to you if you venture into the ocean to swim, surf or scuba dive. (See: also introduces another big word aquaphobia, fear of water. It seems aquaphobia and not knowing how to swim are big contributors to the fear of the ocean.

Apparently a lot of us don’t know how to swim.

The American Red Cross, says only 56 percent of Americans have a basic competency in water, meaning they can jump or step into water over their head, return to the surface to tread water or float for one minute, circle around and identify an exit, swim 25 yards to that point and exit the water. (

When I first starting teaching diving I would try to make light of people’s fear of water by saying things like, “I get frightened if I break out in a sweat,” or, “ I wear a life jacket in the shower.”

It turns out that aquaphobia is actually the fear of all kinds of water and may even be triggered by the water in a bathtub.

I discovered my snarky remarks didn’t help ease the anxiety of potential divers.

This is a dive column, so let’s relate these fears to diving and how they can be overcome.

To become certified as a scuba diver, you don’t need to be a great swimmer, but you should be comfortable in the water, more than just the basic competency described by the American Red Cross.

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors, PADI, defines comfortable in the water as being able to swim 200 yards or meters (about the length of two football fields), or 300 meters with mask, snorkel and fins, and to be able to tread water for 10 minutes.

Scuba instructors suggested that potential divers who seem uncertain or frightened in the water “brush up” on swimming skills and endurance prior to taking the diving course. I have seen folks do just that and become very competent divers.

Diving certification entails learning skills to deal with fear inducing situations like: running low or out of air; being tired or helping a diver who is tired; cramps caused by muscle fatigue or cold water; and entering and egressing water in waves or rip currents.

Divers learn that sea critters, even the so-called scary ones, want to be left alone and most bad encounters result from defensive behavior on the part of the animal.

One of the more important rules covered in training is to control fear before it turns to panic. The steps are to stop all activity; think of the best action to deal with the situation and then, and only then, act to deal with the perceived problem.

Panic is not a successful method of dealing with a potential problem when diving and can result in a much more serious problem than the one that set off the panic in the first place.

I taught one diver in Lake Tahoe who panicked on his first dive. Experience and determination helped him overcome his fear and become an excellent diver and later a rescue diver jumping from helicopters to save people in the ocean.

Considering today’s equipment, with proper training, experience in different diving environments and continued practice, many people of all ages and physical types overcome initial fears and become scuba divers and learn firsthand about the wonder and importance of our oceans.

Standing on the rear of the boat, seeing even small waves and realizing that he or she doesn’t know what is “down there” can be scary to a person who is an excellent swimmer but who learned to dive in the quarry back home.

If you are new to ocean diving, it is always a good idea to use the services of an experienced dive master. He or she will help with underwater navigation, find interesting sea life, help keep you safe and, most important, make your ocean dive a pleasant experience so you will want to keep diving.

Concerning one of the major reasons people list as their fear of the ocean, sharks, famed underwater explorer and biologist Sylvia Earle says: “Sharks are beautiful animals, and if you're lucky enough to see lots of them, that means that you're in a healthy ocean. You should be afraid if you are in the ocean and don't see sharks.”

While on a recent trip to Bimini in the Bahamas, I was fortunate to be diving with literally dozens of sharks.

I was too busy trying to take photos to think about being frightened. One of the images accompanies this column.

Well, maybe swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving aren’t “your cup of tea.”

But, there are still many ways to learn about and enjoy the ocean and to channel your fear into curiosity or even awe. Just think about the last time you went to a well-stocked and maintained public aquarium. Did you notice the look of wonder in the faces of the children?

So, you may have Thalassophobia, but it is still important to learn how important our oceans are to you. This is a good month to do it. June is National Oceans Month and June 8 is World Oceans Day,

According to Sylvia Earle, “We need to respect the oceans and take care of them as if our lives depended on it-because they do.”

Don Rhodes, in addition to a career in government affairs, has taught scuba for 28 years. He and his wife retired to Tavernier three years ago, where he works as an instructor for Conch Republic Divers.
Virgin Cruises is Born
Richard Branson stands with Virgin Cruises’ President and CEO Tom McAlpin as he arrives by helicopter for a news conference at the Perez Art Museum in Miami, Florida June 23, 2015. REUTERS/Joe Skipper

Virgin Cruises, the new cruise ship company by billionaire Sir Richard Branson and his London-based Virgin Group, will build three cruise ships at Fincantieri and the first vessel is scheduled...

Panama Canal to Limit Shipe Size
Panama City (AFP) - The Panama Canal will temporarily limit the size of ships using the waterway due to a drought caused by the El Nino weather phenomenon, authorities said.

The Panama Canal Authority said the maximum ship draft will be cut to 11.89 meters (39 feet) from September 8, affecting 18.5 percent of vessels that normally transit the link between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

A ship's draft is its depth in the water, and changes as the vessel becomes heavier or lighter.

The canal authority said further restrictions could be imposed on September 16 if weather conditions do not change. The maximum draft of vessels would be cut to 11.73 meters.

Canal administrator Jorge Quijano said the month of June and the first half of July was the driest period in 102 years.

As a result, water levels in the lakes that feed the canal have dropped. The canal's locks can usually accommodate ships with a draft of up to 12 meters.

Dry weather conditions in March 1998 saw authorities take similar measures.
1979 48 Seaton/Durbeck SOLD
Not your "yachty" waterway boat but a massively constructed displacement offshore traveler. Single continuous duty Cat, recent generator, hydraulic stabilizers and bow thruster. Solomons, MD
2001 48 Diesel Duck by McNally Marine
Live Off The Grid
This is not a cheap trawler but a commercial grade steel hauled extended cruiser with a aluminum pilothouse.
Single Lugger diesel with Yanmar get home on saildrive.
Grunert holding plate freezer and huge refrigeration unit
Paravane stabilization at rest or underway
Two staterooms and two heads.
Generator, Diesel hot water heat and A/C unit.
Hydraulic windlass bow and stern.
Hydraulic Bow Thruster
Hydraulic fire pump
Water tight bulkheads, door and hatches.
1" thick plexiglass windshields
1994 46 Grand Banks Europa SOLD
Very healthy and clean rare 46 Europa powered by twin 375 cats 2,675 hours. Galley is on the saloon level making it large, open and airy. Two staterooms with two heads and stall showers. Washer & dryer, F/B hardtop and 3/4 enclosure, Garmin touch screen plotters (2). The Cats have recently been fully serviced including after cooler service, hoses, exhaust hoses, new water pumps. Bottom painted 10/2014. Very turn key package.
2001 45 Princess Sport Cruiser
This old girl has been updated, serviced and proven over the past two years. Ready to go package. Located in Stevensville, MD
2008 42 Legacy custom downeast SOLD
One owner custom order from Legacy Yachts of Middletown, R.I. Melissa Anne II has twin Cummins power, bow thruster, extended hardtop, Delta T engine room filtration (de mister) and dinghy/davit on the hardtop. The layout is the preferred galley down allowing helm and port side companion seats with two side deck access doors. One of a kind, lightly used with under 200 hours of fresh water use.
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2015 The Trip North..West Palm Beach Return'15
My wife and I ran our 45 Viking/Princess from Annapolis to Palm Harbor Marina in West Palm Beach Last November. Departed 11/5 and had a leisurely trip spending time in a few of our favorite stops. Three offshore legs in perfect weather which gave us more time in Georgetown, S.C., Beaufort, SC, & St. Augustine, FL.
The boat had zero issues, the skipper stayed in the channel and weather was as good as it gets. Very nice that the fuel prices averaged $3.40 this year close to $1.00 less than the Spring.
It seemed like their were more boats heading south this year than last. The cold wet winter last year probably motivated more boat owners. After Jan. 1st we will spend the winter on board looking for business in SE Florida.

Hard to believe the Spring is here and time to run the boat home. Diesel is now 2.60-3.20 per gallon. Nice. Leaving 4/17.

UPDATEMy crew decided to drive home this year so I ran the boat north myself. Other than fuel and overnight stops I was fortunate to do all but -50 miles on the outside. Nice trip. Fuel was $2.40-$3.10 a gallon the record low was at Atlantic Yacht Basin in Great Bridge, VA.. Pretty sweet!
2015 Fate of Cousteau’s Calypso
Fate of Cousteau’s Calypso uncertain as it languishes
Posted on June 29th, 2015

The Calypso, Jacques Cousteau’s research vessel, has languished in a coastal French warehouse amid a dispute between the Cousteau Society and a shipbuilding company over its restoration, which some say is a sign of the country’s fading maritime heritage.

Cousteau logged more than 1 million nautical miles aboard the Calypso. Now she languishes outside a warehouse in Concarneau, a port town in Brittany, France, according to the New York Times.

From the mid-1950s through the 1980s, the Calypso and Cousteau raised awareness of the wonders and fragility of the world’s oceans through films and televised adventures. Cousteau was as much showman as a scientist, and he recognized that to get funding, scientific research had to have popular appeal. He refined underwater filming and created a wealth of documentation of life beneath the surface.

But he left little direction about what should become of the vessel that accompanied him after he died at age 87 in 1997. The decrepit ship is a symbol of how Cousteau has faded from collective memory and how, despite France’s rich sailing tradition, neither the government nor his heirs have found a solution for its restoration.

Although the nonprofit Cousteau Society set out to restore the ship after Cousteau’s death, the effort has been hampered by lawsuits and disputes. In 2014, the association designated the Calypso as part of the France’s maritime cultural heritage, but it has yet to be considered a national monument by the state, which would give it a chance to compete for preservation funding.

The only thing now standing between an expensive yacht buyer and a sales tax break is Gov. Chris Christie.

A bill (S2784) to cap the amount of sales tax New Jersey can collect on boat purchases at $20,000 coasted through both the state Senate, where it passed 36-0 and Assembly, where it passed 65-5 with 4 abstentions. It now lands to Christie's desk.

The bill's sponsor, state Sen. Jim Whelan (D-Atlantic), said earlier this month the intent is to boost New Jersey's boat industry by keeping New Jerseyans from buying boats in neighboring states.

The bill is similar to a budget measure recently passed in New York.

New Jersey's sales tax is 7 percent, meaning that a buyer would have to spend $285,715 on a boat to pay $20,000 in sales tax. But under the bill, there would be no difference between how much that buyer would pay versus someone buying a $1 million boat.

The liberal think tank New Jersey Policy Perspective has criticized the bill as "just another tax break for the wealthy."
$2.44 BBL 8/6.2015
Updated Aug. 6, 2015 10:28 a.m. ET

NEW YORK—Oil prices fell to fresh multi-month lows Thursday as a persistent oversupply continued to spook the market.

Resilient U.S. output, coupled with high production from other major suppliers and worries about China’s economy, have soured investor sentiment in recent weeks. On Wednesday, the U.S. Energy Information Administration estimated that crude-oil production rose last week, weighing on prices.

“Oversupply concerns continue to burden oil prices,” said Norbert Ruecker, head of commodities research at private bank Julius Baer, in a note.

Light, sweet crude for September delivery recently fell 68 cents, or 1.5%, to $44.47 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Brent, the global benchmark, fell 26 cents, or 0.5%, to $49.33 on ICE Futures Europe.

The latest weekly EIA data showed a fall in U.S. crude oil inventories—which usually boosts prices as a sign of strong demand—but the positive effect was overshadowed by an increase in stockpiles of gasoline and other finished products.
Photo above is the Yacht Basin Co where our office is located.
Brokerage boats selling prices have stabilized.
Depreciation of boats is a fact. Avoid the falling value by being accurate and "show" ready reducing the time it takes to sell... There is a price at which your boat will sell within 30 days. Most of us would not accept that low "quick sale" price but between that number and the last few comps selling price is a sweet spot that should be your target. Hanging on for years with a unrealistic asking price is a very expensive choice. The values tick down, the equipment gets older, the boat requires upkeep and service and it all adds up.
The depreciation in 2008-2009 was 25% on the quality boats and more where supplys were high. The depreciation since then is more in the "normal" range particularly on late model boats less than 5 years old.
Price it very close to the real value

Get the boat ready to show, neat, clean, staged, pillows, detailed

Professional photos away from the dock and interior machinery detail

Listing should be detailed including service history

Broadcast emails to client base and 1200 brokers

Print ads in Yachting magazine, and exposure

Boat Shows work for some listings

We have all our listings on our dedicated youtube channel.

Stop in when you visit Annapolis by boat or car. Located between the Annapolis Yacht Club and the waterfront Marriott on Annapolis Harbor.

2006 65 Roberts 650 steel trawler SOLD
$625,000. OFFERS
Outstanding buy for a 2006 build with all this high end gear.
Day head in pilothouse

Twin John Deere 200 hp diesels, 300 hours


3 staterooms all with en-suite heads showers

propane fireplace

20KW & 8KW Northern Lights gen sets.
2015 Visit our office while in Annapolis Harbor
Located at the main entrance of the Annapolis Yacht Club.
Yacht Basin Co.
2 Compromise Street
Annapolis 21401
2010 37 Judge Oxford edition
Single common rail Cummins 480 provides quiet efficient speed. Very practical
Chesapeake Bay cruiser in outstanding condition. Generator and A/C extended hardtop.
2003 38 Pacific Seacraft
Fresh exterior paint

2 staterooms

only 500 hours +/-

Twin Cats Easy to see while in indoor heated storage 2015
1986 40 Tartan
Impressive condition inside and out. Very well cared for centerboard model.
New to the market 6/2015
2006 30 J-92S
Race sails, fresh main

Sail drive

Triad Trailer

Quick, fun and easy on the wallet!
2003 56 Symbol Pilothouse Series Sale Pending
Opportunity to own a local, well cared for Symbol pilothouse.
*only 1480 hours on twin 660 Cats

* Naiad stabilizers, bow & stern thruster

* Fresh carpet and soft goods 2013

* 2 huge staterooms with en-suite heads and showers

*Custom Layout with huge full beam Master

* electronics updated 3X E-120, AIS B, cameras, Digital HD radar 2012

Owners have replaced yachting with a waterfront home. Very nice boat at an attractive price. Contact Bill Walczak 410-353-4712
2015 Florida Tax Cuts on Yacht Service
Florida tax cut benefits yacht owners
Robert Frank | @robtfrank
Friday, 19 Jun 2015 | 1:17 PM ET

Florida just passed a series of sweeping tax cuts that will save Floridians more than $400 million. It's all part of Republican Gov. Rick Scott's effort to help the average Florida family.

Apparently, the average Florida family spends more than $1 million a year to repair their megayacht.

Buried in the everyday tax breaks of the bill just signed into law—including tax-free purchases of textbooks and gun-club membership fees—is a little-known boon for yacht owners.

Yachts at a marina
Veronica Garbutt | Lonely Planet Images | Getty Images
The tax break bars the state from collecting more than $60,000 for any boat repairs.

Read More Millionaires live paycheck to paycheck

So, if you want to change the aging gold-leaf and lacquer interior of your 150-foot Feadship to a more modern white marble and crystal, your $10 million refit will be taxed the same as a $1 million job.

Florida boating representatives say the tax break will help generate jobs at South Florida's marinas and boatyards, as boaters will be drawn to the state to do their bigger projects. But critics say it's another government handout to the rich.
Yacht servicing and refurbishing company Rybovich is one step closer to being able to work extensively on mega-yachts with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ permitting of a dredging project in the Intracoastal Waterway.

The permits issued Friday will allow a channel west of Peanut Island to be deepened to 15 feet from 10 feet for three-quarters of a mile.
$40. OIL?
It's been about a year since oil prices started their historic drop, falling from above $100 a barrel to a bottom of about $45 in March. After creeping back to around $60, prices are shaky again amid news of a nuclear deal with Iran and record Saudi production. $45. August 2015 2.40 a gal for marine diesel fuel. Pretty sweet
2015 Picasso Recovered
25,000,000, Euro
By Henry Samuel
12:58PM BST 04 Aug 2015
A Pablo Picasso painting worth more than €25 million and considered a Spanish “national treasure” has been seized from a British-registered yacht moored off Corsica, French authorities have confirmed.
Head of a Young Woman was seized onboard a vessel off Calvi on the west coast of the Mediterranean island following “an attempt to export (the work) to Switzerland”, French customs officials confirmed in a statement.
According to Corsican media, it was about to be flown to Switzerland by private jet.
The work Picasso painted in 1906 and valued at “more than €25 million” is the property of Spanish billionaire Jaime Botin, the largest shareholder of Bankinter and whose great grandfather founded Spain’s largest bank, Santander. Mr Botin reportedly bought the painting in 1977 at the Marlborough Fine Art Fair in London for his personal collection.
He has a stake in the company that owns the yacht where the painting was found but “was not on board at the time”.
The seizure is the latest chapter in a three-year battle by the 79-year-old billionaire, Spain’s 15th richest man according to Forbes, to take the Picasso out of Spain and auction it off in London.
Mr Botin, who was Santander’s vice president from 1999 to 2004, made a formal request in 2012 via Christie’s Iberia to definitively transfer the work from Spain to London. That request was denied by the Spanish culture ministry on the grounds that there was “no other similar work on Spanish soil”.
Mr Botin appealed the decision, arguing that the work was not technically in Spain anyway as it was hanging in a 65-metre superyacht Adix moored at the Valencia Royal Nautical Club under a British flag, and was thus under British law. He also argued he was not the direct owner, as the work was the property of the Panamanian Society Euroshipping Charter Company of which he is the largest shareholder.
The appeal was quashed with judges citing the 1982 Montego Bay Convention and stating that “the existence of a ship in a Spanish port, except in the case of military vessels, is subject to Spanish law”.
An attempt to export the painting to Switzerland on Thursday “drew the attention of French officials”, France’s customs authority said, with agents boarding the boat in the port of Calvi the following day.
According to Corsicanetinfo, the painting was due to be transferred to a specially-chartered private jet from Spain due to land at 11am in Calvi-Balagne airport last Friday "with no passengers on board". It was then due to leave an hour later with a "package" but no passengers for Switzerland but the flight was "cancelled at the last minute".
The work was thought to be seized from the Adix, as shipping records show that the a 14-crew, 64.85m-long schooner left Valencia in June and stopped off at Menorca before arriving off the coast of Corsica on 10 July. The vessel’s current position is off the Anse de Chevanu in southern Corsica.
The ship’s captain could only produce two documents regarding the work of art, the statement said – one of which was a May 2015 Spanish court ruling confirming that the painting was “a national treasure (which) could under no circumstances be taken out of Spain”.
The painting comes from Picasso's so-called "Gósol period".
Picasso, arguably the famous native of the southern Spanish city of Malaga, lived in the town of Gósol, in Catalonia, in the summer of 1906 and produced various works which influenced Cubism.
"There is no similar work that exists in Spain, making this work one of the few paintings produced by the painter during what is known as the Gósol period, the discoveries at this time strongly influenced not only Cubism but the subsequent evolution of 20th century painting," Spain's Board of Classification, Valuation and Export of Spanish historical patrimony advised at the time.
French customs officials are now awaiting an official Spanish request to recover the painting.
2009 72' Vicem Price Reduced 7/2015 One owner, stabilized, 1,500 hours, 3 stateroom.
Keen Owner. Recent Reduction in Price
2001 Fairline 43 F/B Fresh Garmin electronics, T/480 Volvo's. Only $219,000.
Good quality euro cruiser with dual helms, 2 staterooms and two heads
75' Little Harbor DONATED SPECIAL TERMS Twin diesel. Recent electrical A/C & D/C systems refit. Good looking healthy cruiser with a huge center cockpit and private owners cockpit with dodger. Twin generators, Updated rig and sails, ready for the islands mon.
Located in Ft Lauderdale, FL
Contact Bill Walczak 410-353-4712
Select boat and car trades considered.
Special Terms
Chris Craft Corsair 28 2004 SOLD Fresh awlgrip. Trailer. Updated. Only $72,500.
2006 44' Sea Ray sedan bridge 171.4 hours (7/13/2015) , one owner, smells like new...
Fresh water since launch, Now in Annapolis. $309,000. Trades?
2006 V70 Viking Princess Very well cared for V70. Great sea boat, fast and very comfortable interior.

Available in Annapolis
YBAA We are members of the Yacht Brokers Association of America
Jarvis 32 & Gloucester light dory Just returned from Zahniser's Yachting Center for winter storage and service. Nice boat ride up the Bay towing the Gloucester Dory.
2000 44' Huckins Atlantic Highly Recommended Beautiful boat inside and out. Engine room and lazarette are cleaner that a Johns Hopkins Surgery center,
Twin Cummins with 840 hours. Wheelhouse (upper saloon) A/C
Fiberglass/foam core hull. Rides like a PT boat. Agile and quick.

Recent Price Reduction to $295,000.
2007 395 Island Pilot T/D-6 Volvos 540 hours Just listed 6.2015 at a very good price. Boat is loaded with the right options. Galley up, fresh professional decor, side guest cabin/office arrangement. Only asking $210,000. SOLD 7/10/2015
Delray Beach FL, Happiest seaside town From Coastal Living top 5
Delray Beach, Florida
Talk about a place that has its priorities in order: At the heart of this fun-loving city of 61,231 are two miles of gloriously white-sand public beach. Sky blue cabanas and loungers stand ready for rental—a bit of Côte d’Azur meets Old Florida. But there’s nothing snooty about Delray. Enjoying the influences of tony Palm Beach 24 miles to the north and urbane Miami 50 miles to the south, the city has quietly grown its own sense of culture, including lively nightlife that parties on weekends, an up-and-coming arts district, a world-class tennis facility, beautiful Japanese gardens, and a seashell museum.

Delray calls itself South Florida’s “Village by the Sea,” and it’s made good on the promise with the brick sidewalks of its main drag, Atlantic Avenue, lined with small, locally owned boutiques and cafés.

What may most define Delray, though, is what it doesn’t have—high-rises. It’s an easy view across low dunes topped with bright green sea grape leaves to the sparkling Atlantic. Add to that the ribbon of Intracoastal Waterway that slices serenely through Delray’s length and it’s easy to see how good South Florida life can be.

Where to Stay: Set between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic, The Seagate Hotel & Spa is a sophisticated base with breezy terraces and its own yacht and beach clubs; 877-577-3242 or
Atlantic City Gold to Sand ATLANTIC CITY — When casino gambling came to this fading beach resort four decades ago, it looked like salvation. "The sand's turning to gold,'' observed a character in the Bruce Springsteen song named after the city.

Now the process is reversing itself.

The city's prospects this summer are the grimmest since 1978, when the first major legalization of casino gambling outside Las Vegas rescued what was becoming a slum by the sea.

Atlantic City is famous for innovations like the Boardwalk (1870), the amusement pier (1882) and salt water taffy (circa 1883). It hosted the first Miss America pageant in 1921 and the Democratic National Convention in 1964. The names of its very streets are immortalized on the Monopoly board.

By the end of last summer, however, it didn't seem things could get any worse. Two of the 12 casinos had closed, and gaming revenues continued to shrink in the face of competition from an ever-growing number of casinos in nearby states.

Once fabled Atlantic City hits free fall

But Atlantic City always manages to surprise, for better or worse. This past off season offered plenty of the latter.

Revel, a $2 billion hotel casino that was supposed to revive Atlantic City when it opened just two years earlier, closed. It was then bought at a fire sale price by a Florida investor whose dispute over an electrical bill plunged the state's second-tallest building into darkness for three weeks before power was provisionally restored.

Revel, which New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie once called "a game-changer for Atlantic City,'' will be closed all summer, maybe longer.

Another casino, Trump Plaza, closed last September. A third, Trump Taj Mahal, filed for bankruptcy and stayed open only after an 11th-hour deal its with unions. The Caesar's unit that owns two other casinos also filed for bankruptcy.

The biggest off-season shocker was Stockton State University's purchase of the shuttered Showboat Casino Hotel for $18 million. But the school's plan to turn the place into its "Island Campus" was blocked by the Taj, which is next to the Showboat and says it doesn't want students sneaking into its casino — something that apparently didn't worry the school

In the midst of this, the Stockton president who did the deal (without running it past the State Controller's office or securing the Taj's agreement) announced plans to retire, and then went on emergency medical leave.

This has frustrated attempts by legislators to ask him: What the hell were you thinking?

In what passes here for good news, the same guy who bought the Revel has agreed to buy the Showboat (and for a while talked about running a power cable from it to neighboring Revel).

Voices: The Atlantic City blues

The city, facing a $400 million budget deficit and the loss of a large part of its tax base, has been placed under a state fiscal monitor and forced to lay off employees, including 80% of its parks and recreation department.

About 8,000 casino or hotel employees have lost their jobs, spreading the misery across South Jersey.

This all is bad news for Christie, the could-be Republican presidential candidate who tied himself to A.C.'s revival. Now even he seems to accept the inevitability of at least one casino in North Jersey, ending this city's in-state monopoly.

Fourth of July, traditionally the biggest weekend of the season, promises to be less than celebratory this year, at least if you remember the glory days.

People will fill A.C.'s Steel Pier at dusk to watch fireworks explode over the water. But it's hard to see how America's first great beach resort, which survived the advent of air conditioning, jet travel and the backyard swimming pool, can come back this time.

Hampson is a national reporter for USA TODAY
COAST GUARD RESUES MISSING FISHERMAN An aircrew with Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater, Florida, rescues a man in the vicinity of Lake Rosa, Bahamas, June 12, 2015. The man was reported missing during a fishing trip in the Bahamas. U.S. Coast Guard video.
MIAMI — An aircrew with Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater rescued a man in the vicinity of Lake Rosa, Bahamas, Friday.
Shortly after midnight, the 72-year-old fisherman was reported missing in Great Inagua, Bahamas, after not meeting in a designated place Thursday evening. The Royal Bahamian Defense Force was notified and requested Coast Guard assistance in the search for the missing man. A Coast Guard MH-60 helicopter crew deployed in Great Inagua launched to assist with the search. During the search, the crew spotted the man waving them down standing in knee high water. The man was safely hoisted into the helicopter and transported to Matthewtown airfield, Bahamas, with no reported injuries.
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June 14, 2015 USCG Rescues 5 off Charleston, 65 miles out CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Five boaters are safe today after their boat capsized off of Charleston. That's thanks to members of the Coast Guard from as far away as Miami, FL.

The boaters didn't know where they were, so Coast Guard Members had the boat operator turn on his Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon.

That beacon helped the Coast Guard in Miami find their signal and pass the boat's coordinates to local officials.

The boaters were found 65 miles off of Charleston's coast.

Officials say the boat's EPIRB helped them narrow down their search area, playing a big part in getting the boaters home safe.
Moonen Suspends Operation Dutch shipyard Moonen has filed for a suspension of payment to its creditors after its majority shareholder, Mexican steel manufacturer Altos Hornos de Mexico (AHDM) revealed swingeing production cuts and job losses caused by plummeting domestic steel prices.

Moonen, which has three orders in the book, will immediately halt production, as it is unable to finance the continuation of the projects. The first of these projects – 30m Matica – was due for delivery in May 2016.

As the yard itself acknowledged, it has been a tumultuous post-crash period for the yard, which was struggling for liquidity before said shareholder stepped in. However, this represents another grave misfortune in its history.

In a statement issued to the media the yard said, ‘By asking for suspension of payment the director of Moonen Shipyard hopes to get the time to search, in good cooperation with the receiver, for solutions for a restart.’ contacted Moonen directly but its staff were unavailable for further comment.

Walczak Yacht Headquarters
Yacht Brokerage Service. That is all we do. We do not represent a new boat line, we do not manage marinas all we do is list and sell brokerage boats. Seven days a week. As a rule we have one of our brokers in south Florida, Carolinas or New England listing and showing all year. Walczak Yacht was established in 1981 and operating in Annapolis since 1991. 5 full time Yacht Brokers representing buyers and sellers of quality power and sail boats. Our waterfront office is located at the Yacht Basin between the Marriott and the Annapolis Yacht Club. Our Market is power and sail boats in the 38-80' range (average boat $500K 49 feet). Our brokers have earned a reputation for high energy and hard working. We are open seven days a week. All our brokers are licensed in Florida and members of FYBA and/or YBAA.

We have 50-65 central listings power and sail. Our average boat listed is 49 feet with sales experience up to 120' range. Average value is just under $500,000.

We are a single source brokerage house offering:

• Sale of power and sailboats

• Discounted local dockage

• Wash/wax and detailing service

• Yacht delivery

• Lessons

• Insurance

• Financing

• Full service repairs on time and on budget.

We meet and greet cruisers from all over who stop in the Yacht Basin while cruising. The Yacht Basin is the only dockage downtown Annapolis that can accommodate boats up to 180 feet. Yacht Clubs and migrating yachts make the Yacht Basin Co. location a favorite stop over. 
Contact our office for recent sales showing market time and sales prices, We can run the list specific to your area of interest.
Chesapeake Harbour Marina We dock most of our istings at Chesapeake Harbour Marina about 4 miles from Annapolis City Dock. Secure, clean and well managed facility with Sam's Restaurant on site.
Chris Buchheister
Cell 443.926.1278

A native of Annapolis, Chris developed a lifelong passion for the water from racing and cruising on the Chesapeake Bay. Before joining Walczak Yacht’s in 2006, Chris had a rewarding career in the Navy where he traveled the globe to every continent (except Africa) in a variety of interesting assignments. Upon his return to civilian life, he was able to live the dream instructing sailing on the Maine Coast as well as had the pleasure of instructing the offshore sailing program at the United States Naval Academy. Upon entering the sales end of the yachting industry, Chris hit the deck running and has quickly established a strong sales record in both power and sail boats. Chris is a member of the YBAA, FYBA and licensed in Florida.

Chris and his wife, Bevin, currently live in Annapolis with their three wonderful kids.

Mark Ferrier
Mark Ferrier Mark Ferrier

Cell: 410-980-5364

Mark has lived and worked on the water all of his life. Before joining Walczak Yacht’s as a broker in 2002, he worked as a delivery Captain running hundreds of boats up and down the eastern coast. Today, this experience, along with many others, makes him a knowledgeable and valuable asset to his clients when it comes to evaluating both a boats condition and design. In addition to his expansive and valuable working knowledge of the industry, Mark is a hard working, motivated, proactive, and hands on individual who prides himself on persistently building his well deserved reputation for offering his clients the ultimate yacht buying / selling experience.
When Mark is not chasing his next boat deal, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife Karen and their children, in their home on Muskrat Creek.
Certifications/Credentials: licensed in Florida

Frank Gary
Frank Gary He will be missed and remembered The Jelly Fish

As any good Boss realizes, troops love to be recognized for their hard work and achievements. Napoleon Bonaparte recognized this fact as he marched his troops across Europe. He rewarded his troops with medals for valor saying ““Give me enough medals and I’ll win you any war.”

Like Napoleon, Bill Walczak is also an astute field commander and recognized the energy in his brokerage with four “A Plus” Brokers. In order to create a spirited competition, Bill founded the “Jelly Fish Award” for the leading broker in the office.

Bill found the Jelly Fish while shopping in Fort Lauderdale Florida with his wife, Janet. Bill was fascinated to see a Jelly Fish encapsulated in glass. Janet saw it as kitsch and unwanted clutter. Undeterred, Bill had to have the Jelly Fish. Janet did not want it at home, so Bill brought to the office. All the guys in the office were similarly amazed with the modern marvel of encapsulating a Jelly Fish in solid glass. Bill, recognizing our interest said…”Great, if you want the Jelly Fish, you will have to earn it! The leader in annual to-date Sales Commissions will have the privilege of keeping the Jelly Fish.”

That year the Jelly Fish steadily made its rounds among all the Brokers. A short Award’s Ceremony accompanied the transfer of the Jelly Fish. Bill presented the Jelly Fish to the new leader , ceremoniously passed from one broker to the next. The transfer ceremony created competition. The new sales and commissions leader was proud to have earned it. The others strived to get it back.

Frank Gary held the Jelly Fish the longest. He repeatedly earned the Jelly Fish through hard work and determination. Keeping deals together, Frank flexed Herculean muscles. He kept the Jelly Fish on his ultra- organized desk next to his photographs of his beloved daughter Skylar- and of course his Rolodex loaded with loyal Clients and Customers.

This year, despite battling a heart attack – on the job delivering a boat by himself (another story)- and painful complications from Cancer, Frank lead the office in 2014 and maintained the Jelly Fish on his desk. Frank died yesterday, and has two closings early next week.

Frank will be laid to rest along with the Jelly Fish.

He will be missed.
Bill Walczak "Yacht Brokerage Service above and beyond your expectations."
Greetings. I have been selling boats since 1977 and self employed since 1981. Our business as it now exists was established in Annapolis in 1991. Some very radical business swings over the years. My yacht brokerage education over those years is worth billions (OK thousands)
I am very lucky to have attracted the best brokers I have ever met. Our squad is dedicated, motivated and focused on their clients ultimate goals. As time goes on we keep tweeking our business model and making it better even as we exit a contracted market period. We are very pleased that our listings and sales keep refreshing following the market spikes and valleys.
Time away from business I enjoy sailing my Salona 37 (sold 9/14), cruising in our Jarvis Newman & Viking-Princess 45 and cycling. My wife of 33.2 years and I live on Queenstown Creek off the Chester River.

The yacht brokerage business is very exciting. The challenges and opportunities of the last 5 years have changed the market significantly.

Please contact me anytime if I can be of service.

Based in W. Palm Beach Jan-April 2015
Bill Walczak

Mobile 410-353-4712